Police forces and nightlife employers from Catalonia together with Dutch tour operators will assembly  to improve the coexistence between tourists and local people in Blanes.

Following the success of last year’s informative campaign,  the Catalan police forces (Mossos d'Esquadra) and the nightlife employers from the Association FECASARM (Member of the EUROPEAN NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION and the INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION) will work together again in order to run informative actions for  the young Dutch tourists willing to visit the city of Blanes this summer.

The campaign will take place in several meetings with different Dutch tour operators, who will subsequently provide the information  to the young Dutch tourists.

This informative and preventive campaign aims to provide the young tourists with security advice to be able to enjoy a pleasant vacation in the tourist municipally of Blanes without any problem.

Blanes police forces  will also participate in the meetings to inform the young tourists about their obligations regarding the civic behavior that is expected of them. The purpose is to balance leisure with the right to rest of the neighbors to get a peaceful cohabitation.

The initiative has been evaluated positively, both by the City Council and the neightbors, since it has made a positive contribution to balance the fun time of the tourists visiting the area and the neighbors. 

Last summer two meetings were performed and up to eighty guides from the main tour operators attended to them: Beach Masters, Gogo Tours, X-travel, Go Fun, among others.

During those sessions the members of the campaign distributed documentation with security advice and recommendations in Dutch and English.

After that, the tour guides provided the young Dutch tourists with the information for their vacation in Blanes, a fact that contributed positively in their behavior. Following the success of last year, the preventive campaign returns on Wednesday  June 4th, 2014 from 11 am.

This preventive action is expected to reach up to 18.000 young Dutch tourists willing to visit Blanes this year. 

Taking into account the present collaboration principle between the Mossos de Esquadra and the FECASARM, it is planned to extend this initiative  to other towns of the Costa Brava and the rest of Catalonia.