Maurizio Pascais the president of SILB (Italian Nightlife Association which represents the 95 % of the clubs of this country) and Vice-President of FIPE (Italian hotel and public services association which currently brings together 180.000 hotels and public services). Since 2014 he is also the President of ENA (European Nightlife Association) and now Vice-President of INA (International Nightlife Association).

He starts his entrepreneurialcareer in the world of night entertainment in 1983 in Lecce with the foundation of “Alex Club”, an important trendy establishmentthat he will manage until 1997.

In 2002, he decides to bring “Le Quattro Colonne” back to its original splendor by renovating an establishment located in an important monumental area of Santa Maria al Bagno, in the South of Italy, and by giving rise to catering and entertainment activities.

In 2012, he starts a new experience in Otranto with the management of an important catering activity in the ancient baronial palace named “Lubelli”.

He begins his career in the trade union organizations of his sector in 1994 with Fipe Confcommercio and SILB-FIPE by assuming significant responsibilities that will bring him to hold the presidency of the greater nightlife association of his country in 2011.



Laurent Lutse is the President of UMIH Cafes, Brasseries and Nightlife Establishments (UMIH is the 1st professional association of the cafes, hotels, restaurants and nightlife establishements, independent, in France). Since 2014 he is also Vice-President and Treasurer of ENA (European Nightlife Association).

Laurent Lutse started to work in the sector of Cafes, Bars and Nightlife Establishments in 1969. He opened his first bar in 1976 in Brittany, then he was the CEO of a bar counter manufacturing business in 1986, afterwards he managed two bars in 1994 and 1995, owned two nightclubs in 1996 and since 2013 he is the CEO of a hotel-restaurant 3*.

Beside his professional career, Laurent Lutse led activities within UMIH. As President of UMIH Cafes, Brasserie and Nightlife Establishments, he worked to defend the profession before the French and European institutions, notably on Charter of the Night with different French Cities, standardization of nightclubs closing times in France, noise and nightlife, prevention on alcohol harm, private security staff...


José Luis Benítez, President of the Spain Nightlife, Vice-President of the European Nightlife Association and Assistant Director of the International Nightlife Association. 

He has been working, practically, his whole life in leisure businesses of the island of Ibiza.

The last 20 years he has been the manager of the two best nightclubs in the world: Amnesia and Space, being the last 5 years the managing director. 

Currently, he is the director of the association "Leisure of Ibiza" (Ocio de Ibiza), which brings together some of the most important establishments of the island. Furthermore, he works as a consultant for leisure business in his own office. 




Joaquim Boadas de Quintana is a Spanish practising lawyer since 1994 and General Secretary and legal services head of the FECASARM since 2006.

Joaquim Boadas is an associate professor at the University of Girona and professor of administrative law at public institutions such as the Councils of Barcelona and Tarragona. He also holds the qualification of Tax International Advisor and Labor Management and Social Security.

Joaquim Boadas has an extended experience in administrative law, civil and criminal fields, more specifically in the HORECA members defence (music bars, bars, night clubs, party places, restaurants, music restaurants, among others.), being the communication media representative of the most important Catalan and Spanish night leisure federations (FECASARM and SPAIN NIGHTLIFE). Recently he has been nominated General Secretary of the world wide organization called INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION, which has as main objective to fight for the interests of the world wide nightlife professionals. He has also been appointed recently deputy chairman of the association SPAIN NIGHTLIFE and deputy vice second chairman of EUROPEAN NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIACION.

The lawyer, Joaquim Boadas has been truly involved in the latest modifications of the nightlife regulations which affect this sector in Catalonia and Spain and the aim established for a near future is to be able to influence all the european and world wide institutions through the INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION.

Joaquim Boadas has extended his field of actuation to fiscal tax, social and sportive law. Since 2010, he is a member of the Board of Directors of Girona FC, club of which he was President between the years 2012 and 2013. He is a lawyer with an international view and a business man who speaks many languages among which it is important to stand out English, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan, with understanding of French.



Leandro Comas Cano, is an independent entrepreneur, Bachelor Degree, specializing in Strategic Marketing and Communication. 

His extensive experience in Advertising, Events Management, Communication and as a consultant in Business Development, is distinguished by its collaboration with various entities related to the Nightlife sector, and is currently the CEO of Spain Nightlife . 

Also actively involved in the International Nightlife Association, seeking synergies and collaborations in different countries.

He is an ambassador in Spain for the MIC'S (Monaco International Clubbing Show). 



Cristina Orri Pujol, graduated in Advertisement and Public Relations at the University of Girona and Business Management and Administration at UOC (Open University of Catalunya). Currently, she is the Marketing and Finances Responsible in FECASARM and also cooperates with the press department of this federation.

Throughout her professional career she has been specializing in the strategic marketing, compatibility and finance sector. She has held different executive positions bind to the Marketing, Strategy, Management, Finances and Sales areas in different business as EUROFIRMS and SOLILASER, among others.

She is the economic-financial manager, as well as the one who establishes and implements the federation marketing plan.

If you would like to contact with Cristina Orri Pujol call the phone number 647.49.43.06.



Sergio Noguero Romero is is a Spanish practising lawyer specialized in Penal Law and processing anything related to this discipline.

With more than fifteen years of contrasted experience in the nightlife sector, he has always represented and defended the interests of the private security business, night clubs and music bars as the staff that work for this kind of business, mainly private security workers – bouncers and security guards, among others.

Practising since 1996 in his own office “Status Jurídic, advocats” as a Penal Area Head, specialized in penal and administrative law; in charge of matters from the Provincial High Court of Girona, Barcelona and the National High Court of Madrid.

Penal lawyer of the FECASARM since its beginning, Sergio Noguero defends our members’ interests in any kind of penal procedures, as much as from the defence side as from the accusation.

Since 2004, he has been teaching Access Control Courses subsidised by the Generalitat of Catalonia, to get the required license by the Decree 348/2004 about Control Access Staff and by the Decree 112/2010, which approves the Public Performances and Leisure Activities Regulations. He collaborates with many law magazines writing Penal Law articles.